The Complex PTSD Workbook-Dr. Arielle Schwartz


The Complex PTSD Workbook: A Mind-Body Approach to Regaining Emotional Control & Becoming Whole

Those affected by complex PTSD (C-PTSD) commonly feel as though there is something fundamentally wrong with them-that somewhere inside there is a part of them that is broken. Though untrue, such beliefs can feel extremely real and frightening. Difficult as it may be, facing one’s PTSD from unresolved childhood trauma is a brave, courageous act…and with the right guidance, healing is possible.

In The Complex PTSD Workbook, you’ll learn all about complex PTSD and gain valuable insight into the types of symptoms associated with unresolved childhood trauma. Unlike other books, this workbook applies a mindful, strength-based perspective to develop and integrate your positive beliefs and behaviors. Within, you will find information about common misdiagnoses and explore a synthesis of therapeutic methods for healing including somatic therapy, EMDR, CBT, DBT, and mind-body perspectives. Importantly, this book creates opportunities for personal reflection using writing exercises to explore how you feel as related to the material presented.

“Complex PTSD is defined by a set of symptoms that are the result of pain and stress that are chronic, repeated, and persistent. Often these events began at a very early age—they could be all you’ve known. Naturally, these experiences shape your perspective of yourself and the world. Healing asks that you turn toward your past to find relief from the weight of trauma. As a result, you become less defined by your history and have greater choice about your future. Take comfort in this: your symptoms are the result of learned ineffective beliefs and behaviors and they can be replaced by a positive mindset and health-promoting behaviors.”
-Dr. Arielle Schwartz

Complex PTSD Workbook Schwartz


“This book is a valuable resource for all those affected by complex PTSD, allowing them to be informed and active as partners in the therapeutic healing process.”
-From the foreword of the book written by Jim Knipe, PhD, author of EMDR Toolbox: Theory and Treatment of Complex PTSD and Dissociation

The Complex PTSD Workbook Dr. Arielle Schwartz

The Complex PTSD Workbook has received excellent editorial reviews:

“I highly recommend this book to anyone who struggles with childhood trauma and neglect, and their painful aftermath. Step-by-step, you will find rich resources to help yourself on your journey to wholeness. Therapists who work with both mind and body will also find this a welcoming and integrative book.”

-Kathy Steele, MN, CS, private practice and co-author of Treating Trauma-related Dissociation, Coping with Trauma-Related Dissociation, and The Haunted Self

“This is a practical guide for all those who have experienced childhood trauma. Drawing upon her extensive practice as a body-centered psychotherapist, Dr. Schwartz has created a self-care plan that includes reflective questions and easy to use mindfulness exercises that can be implemented immediately.”
-Barb Maiberger, author of EMDR Essentials: A Guide for Clients and Therapists and founder of the Maiberger Institute, an EMDRIA-approved provider of EMDR Trainings

“This is a comprehensive and usable guide to understanding and transforming complex trauma. Through relatable vignettes, The Complex PTSD Workbook explores trauma and treatment methods in accessible language suited for everyday use. Readers are invited to use journaling and self-reflection exercises to review and integrate what they’ve learned, so that the journey through the workbook is not only informational but experientially relevant as well.”
-J. Ryan Kennedy, PsyD, Executive Director, Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute

“Dr. Arielle Schwartz combines simplicity, compassion, humility, and deep knowledge of the field in this book for sufferers of Complex PTSD. The Complex PTSD Workbook is an immensely useful guide to negotiating the turbulent waters of this all too common human malady.”
-Betty Cannon, Ph.D., author of Sartre and Psychoanalysis and Founder of Applied Existential Psychotherapy (AEP)

“Healing from trauma is a profound process, one that undoubtedly involves confronting outstanding pain and suffering. In this book, Dr. Arielle Schwartz offers a unique emphasis on resilience and growth as related to Complex PTSD by providing a profoundly supportive and essential method for healing from trauma and grief.”
-Wendy Stern, Founder and Executive Director, The Grief Support Network

“Those who suffer from traumatic stress sometimes find beginning a personal practice intimidating. The Complex PTSD Workbook, with Dr. Arielle Schwartz as a compassionate guide, helps readers create a personal practice using yoga and mindfulness in the service of healing trauma.”
-Rob Schware, Executive Director, The Give Back Yoga Foundation

“The Complex PTSD Workbook offers powerful somatic therapy tools for deep healing, complemented by mindfulness strategies to increase stabilization and enhance overall wellbeing. Dr. Schwartz’s emphasis on finding ‘wholeness’ will strengthen your resilience wherever you are in your life.”
-Donna Roe Daniell, LCSW, Balance Your Life Coaching & Psychotherapy, creator of the “Midlife Transition Healing Wave” and toolbox for Women in Midlife Transitions

The Complex PTSD Workbook Dr. Arielle Schwartz

Read and Review for Yourself

I hope that you will consider reading this book if you are in the process of healing from trauma and childhood wounds. It is my sincere and heartfelt hope that this book will bring benefit to those in need.

If you find this book helpful I would appreciate it if you will take the time to write a review on Amazon and in the comments below. Thank you in advance.

“You are not broken, in need of fixing. Rather, you are deeply hurt, in need of care.”

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About Dr. Arielle Schwartz

Dr. Arielle Schwartz

Arielle Schwartz, PhD, is a psychologist, internationally sought-out teacher, yoga instructor, and leading voice in the healing of PTSD and complex trauma. She is the author of five books, including The Complex PTSD WorkbookEMDR Therapy and Somatic Psychology, and The Post Traumatic Growth Guidebook.

Dr. Schwartz is an accomplished teacher who guides therapists in the application of EMDR, somatic psychology, parts work therapy, and mindfulness-based interventions for the treatment of trauma and complex PTSD. She guides you through a personal journey of healing in her Sounds True audio program, Trauma Recovery. 

She has a depth of understanding, passion, kindness, compassion, joy, and a succinct way of speaking about very complex topics. She is the founder of the Center for Resilience Informed Therapy in Boulder, Colorado where she maintains a private practice providing psychotherapy, supervision, and consultation. Dr. Schwartz believes that that the journey of trauma recovery is an awakening of the spiritual heart.


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  1. I love your book! My only complaint is that there doesn’t seem to be a link I can use to download the activities in the book, which I would love! Is there a link? (I never like to photocopy copyrighted material- for obvious reasons)

    Thank you!

    • Erin,
      Thank you for this feedback! I will get in touch with the publisher (who holds the copyright for the material) and ask them if we can set up downloadable and printable workbook pages.

  2. I’m searching for an Audio book version for someone in a group based on this book. Having trouble reading and then comprehending after struggling to read makes absorbing the information more difficult for them and they are at the mercy of someone reading it to them primarily, it would be wonderful if there were a CD version of Audio to this book.

    • Lisa,
      Thank you for your comment. At this point there is not an audio version of the book. Much of the material from the book is also available on my website through various blog posts…I wonder if your friend has the technology for website content to be read out loud? I will mention your comment to the publisher as well…perhaps they will have an interest in creating an audio version.

      • Thank you, I’m not sure what technology she would need for that, if you know what programs or applications she should look for please let me know. I appreciate your assistance in trying to get an audio book of this material, it is very valuable and makes it more accessible to those who need it!

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