Play Therapy

Child Centered Play Therapy

When to seek therapy for your child?

  • Are you and your child are having too many power struggles
  • Do you feel that your child’s emotional life is running your life and your household?
  • Does your child seem more sensitive than other children?
  • Do you worry about your child’s social and emotional wellbeing?
  • Has your child faced a recent loss, divorce, or traumatic event?
  • Do you and your child need support to find your way back to positive communication and connection?

How Child-Centered Play Therapy can Help

Dr. Schwartz understands the unique challenges parents can face in raising sensitive children.  She specializes in working with children with sensory processing disorders, speech/language delays, anxiety, challenging behaviors, trauma exposure, and emotional problems.

When a child has faced a loss or struggles against the demands of their environments children may need help making sense of their feelings and behaviors.

  • Play is the primary form of communication in the young child and is the language that allows children to create a symbolic and metaphoric understanding of reality.
  • Play therapy assists children to express themselves, access inner resiliency, and resolve trauma.
  • The child-centered play therapy session offers a safe exploration of big emotions such as anger, fear, and sadness.
  • Parent-child or filial play therapy gives parents the tools to bring the benefits of play therapy home.

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About Dr. Schwartz

  • Dr. Arielle Schwartz has been a child-centered play therapy and parent-child (filial) play therapy practitioner since 2007.
  • Dr. Schwartz’s passion is in working with parents and children together, facilitating an environment that allows both to feel connected, attuned, attached, and understood.