Somatic Psychology Interventons and EMDR Training

Attend an EMDR Training in Somatic Psychology Interventions and EMDR Taught by Dr. Schwartz with Maiberger Institute!

What: Two day Training on Somatic Interventions & EMDR (Boulder, CO)
When: July 26 – 27, 2014
Where: Maiberger Institute
2995 Baseline Road, Suite 206
Boulder, CO 80303

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Why Somatic Psychology and EMDR:

The field of somatic psychology explores the relationship between the body and psychological states or processes.  Somatic psychology centralizes body awareness as a primary healing agent in psychotherapy. We cannot always think our way out of a trauma response because the physiological reactions are so central, the heart rate quickens, there are feelings of panic, we feel tension throughout the body, or perhaps we feel stuck and unable to move. Somatic interventions are valuable tools within the therapeutic arena because they work directly with how traumatic events impact our bodies through breath constrictions and tension patterns that are held pre-consciously (just under our conscious awareness). When working with either recent of historical traumatic events, the body provides tremendous feedback about the psychological impact of that event. Tracking the somatic experience in trauma work also gives clear feedback about when the traumatic incident no longer holds power over us. As a result, we have increased access to choice and a greater range of healthy ways to respond to present day challenges.

Photo of Dr Arielle Schwartz teaching EMDR for attachment injury at Maiberger Institute

When combining somatic interventions with the 8-phase treatment model of EMDR, body awareness greatly enhances the effectiveness of both. Adding the technology of bi-lateral stimulation that is central to EMDR amplifies the processing of traumatic events. Likewise, somatic awareness in EMDR brings mindful awareness to the subtleties of trauma release with careful attention to nervous states, the pacing of process, and the relational exchange between therapist and client.

Somatic Interventions and EMDR Training Description:

This two-day workshop is an opportunities for therapists already trained in EMDR to introduce them to somatic interventions for trauma treatment.

As a result of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Summarize a basic understanding of Somatic Psychology in relationship to EMDR
  • Demonstrate at least one somatic intervention for each of the 8 Phases of the EMDR protocol
  • Recognize how self – awareness of nonverbal communication increases therapist’s trustworthiness and facilitates therapeutic alliance.
  • Exhibit how Somatic interventions facilitate client’s ability to self regulate.

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