Webinar Recording: Mind-Body Therapies: Vagus Nerve Regulation and Trauma Recovery




In the years since the Adverse Childhood Experiences study (Felitti, 1998) research has concluded that there is undeniable connection between childhood trauma and our health. Importantly, complementary and alternative medicine and mind-body therapies can help us to calm down anxiety, reduce chronic illness symptoms, support digestion, and improve our sleep. Mind-body therapies such as mindfulness, yoga, relaxation, breath practices, support the vagus nerve. They help you to increase your resilience allowing you to calm down unnecessary defenses and reclaim a sense of safety.

At this engaging and interactive webinar, psychologist and certified Kripalu yoga instructor, Dr. Arielle Schwartz, will take you through an interactive exploration of the mind-body therapies for vagus nerve regulation. You will learn about her approach to therapeutic yoga for trauma recovery and discover leading-edge strategies that allow you to successfully address the dysregulated arousal states that arise when you have experienced trauma. She explains practical tools to increase your resilience.

Whether you are a psychotherapist seeking to increase your toolbox or are on your own healing journey, you will receive heart-felt guidance and practical strategies for healing. Within this webinar, you will:

  • Understand the connection between trauma and your health as related to the vagus nerve.
  • Learn what current research is revealing about the efficacy of mind-body therapies for trauma recovery.
  • Discover specific yogic movement and breathing practices that can help you find balance during times of stress.
  • Connect to a community engaged in healing from trauma.


You will receive your video link and handouts in the form of a downloadable pdf.


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