Play Therapy and EMDR Training-Dr. Arielle Schwartz

Photo of Dr. Arielle Schwartz presenting on Attachment and EMDR for therapists at Maiberger Institute

Play Therapy and EMDR for Children

November 8-9, 2014
Maiberger Institute


  • Dr. Arielle Schwartz, LP
  • Lisa Dion, MA, LPC, RPT-S

Workshop Overview

This 2-day Advanced EMDR training taking place at the Maiberger Institute provides an in-depth look at combining EMDR with Play Therapy for working with children and supporting the parent-child dyad. Older children (usually above age 8) may respond well to the standard EMDR protocol; however, due to the nature of children’s brain and cognitive skill development the application of the standard protocol often needs to be modified when working with younger children.  Because children naturally process through play, EMDR therapists working with children need to increase their comfort and familiarity with the “language of play” to best support their treatment.

This training introduces participants to the play therapy field with lectures that highlight the neurobiology of co-regulation as related to attachment theory. The 8-phases of EMDR therapy as related to the treatment of children will be discussed and practiced including RDI for children and the considerations about why and when you would modify the standard EMDR protocol.

This training also introduces an EMDR protocol for working with the parent-child dyad in therapy. This training incorporates the use of didactic lecture, video segments, experiential exercises, and case discussion for therapists to integrate the material into their practice.

As a result of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Illustrate an understanding of the neurobiology of co-regulation as related to EMDR therapy and working with children
  • Demonstrate at least one Resource Development Installation (RDI) that helps prepare the child for EMDR
  • Describe the Standard EMDR Protocol for EMDR as applied to children
  • Discuss at least 2 considerations about why and when you would modify the standard EMDR protocol and how this would impact other phases of treatment.
  • Identify how to determine parental readiness for parent-child dyad therapy.

More information and registration information available at the Maiberger Institute here.

Dr Arielle Schwartz teaches classes at Maiberger Institute

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