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Yoga with Dr. Arielle Schwartz

Dr. Arielle Schwartz is a certified yoga instructor with 20 years of teaching experience offering therapeutic individual and small-group instruction as well as community drop-in classes.

Dr. Arielle Schwartz Therapeutic yoga classes in Boulder

What is Therapeutic Yoga and Why is it Beneficial?

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Intention setting helps create a community that holds the container for your personal transformation.

Therapeutic yoga classes integrate mindfulness, conscious breathing, and somatic awareness into a yoga sequence that emphasizes the whole person. These classes begin with a group process that allows students to speak personal intentions for class and share pertinent information from life related to the intention. Dr. Schwartz tailors each class to the needs of the individuals present that takes asana practice into a powerfully transformational tool that applies both on and off of the mat.

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My Yoga Influences and Background

I was introduced to yoga at the age of 7 when my parents brought Kripalu yoga into our family life. Yoga as a philosophy and lifestyle rather than just a physical form of exercise. As an adolescent I lost interest in yoga but I came into my own daily practice of asana, breath work, and mindfulness while in college when a friend introduced me to Kundalini yoga. I found to be an extraordinary way to manage stress but found that the benefits of a daily practice were far reaching. My physical health improved, I felt stronger, and developed a more confident sense of self.

After college I moved to a rural town in southern Utah to work as a wilderness therapist with youth at risk. There were no formal yoga classes in this area so I maintained my daily practice. As co-workers and friends noticed my practice they asked me to teach. I started teaching yoga independently in 1994 and soon was hired by the regional health club to teach for the community and by the residential adolescent treatment center bringing yoga to youth at risk.

Therapeutic Yoge Boulder

Therapeutic Yoga provides deep relaxation and helps you feel rejuvenated.

In 1996 I knew it was time to become a certified yoga instructor. I decided to complete my yoga teacher training at Kripalu, a return to my roots. I pursued my Masters degree in Somatic Psychology at Naropa University, in Boulder, Colorado followed by my PhD in Clinical Psychology and I have completed master’s and doctoral dissertation research on the integration of mind-body therapies into professional psychology.

Once in Boulder I taught yoga at CU Boulder, through the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department, in Mental Health Centers and independently. In Boulder’s yoga hub, I continued my love of Kripalu and Kundalini yoga styles but also discovered Ashtanga with Richard Freeman as well as a broad range of Vinyasa style practices.

I find the personal benefits of integrating across yoga schools.  I continue to be an avid student and practitioner and at this stage in my teaching I combine my years experience in into classes that emphasize strength, flow, and somatic awareness that harness the transformational power of yoga.

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